Our current recommended way of integrating with Ootliers for everything other than Shopify is by a custom integration. This will allow you to hook Ootliers into the exact point you want and be able to have it handled via queues or any other way to help with performance.


The domain for the API is https://api.ootliers.com/


To authenticate with the API you will need to send you API key, which you can get from the web app, in the Authentication header.

Your header should have:

Authentication: {apiKey}

POST order

To import an order

Endpoint /api/v1/site/{siteId}/order

Replace {siteId} with the site id you find in the web application.

The request body for this endpoint is a json object that has one property order. Order contains the order number, ordered_at, total (as a string), and items. Items is an array of items that have been purchase, an item object contains the name, price (as a string), and quantity.


  • Order number must be unique. If it’s not it’ll be ignored.
  • The name of the items should be unique. If it’s not it’ll only affect anomaly detection for when an item is no longer purchased.

Example body.

  "order": {
    "number": "ORDER-1212",
    "ordered_at": "2020-12-13T12:57:22Z",
    "total": "48.48",
    "items": [
        "name": "Item 232",
        "price": "12.12",
        "quantity": 3
        "name": "Item 544",
        "price": "12.12",
        "quantity": 1